What dairy should you buy?

Many of us are confused on which type of dairy, especially milk is best for us. Is it the full fat? Is it the low fat? The homogised, or unhomogised one. One can get confused when choosing milk in a store, as we have are so many different types on offer. Let me clarify for you today what’s the best choice of milk is, according to the latest scientific research in my latest video.


Some Nutritional facts about dairy are:

  1. Consumption of whole-milk dairy products is on the rise.
  2. Three comprehensive, independent reviews, concluded that there’s no association between dairy fat or high-fat dairy foods and obesity, type 2 diabetes, or cardio-metabolic risk.
  3. The Vitamin D found in diary fat will assist your body in Calcium absorption.
  4. The process of milk homogenisation changes the fat molecule shape and that then negatively affects our health.
  5. Always choose organic dairy, if you can, because that means less exposure to antibiotics and growth promotants, or hormones.

It is safe and normal to consume full fat dairy. Go ahead and change your habits, it will be more tasteful and healthier for you.

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