The 360 Health Program Invitation 

2020 has been a most extraordinary period of our lives. The effects of this past year must not be underestimated. A unique trauma is present in our nation even considering we dealt with the pandemic reasonably successfully. 
I am excited to let you know that I have joined a new health movement, founded here in Melbourne during these most unusual of times and based on the best current scientific knowledge of each unique person, to create long-term behavioural change and life-changing health and happiness by targeting:

– the exercise and physiology
– the psychology and mind
– nutrition and gut health
and sleep 

If you are feeling fatigued; have tried diets and gyms to get healthy and want to try something different, based solely on you and your situation, we can help you.
Look at our brochure and see if you are ready to change things up – join the world’s first 360-degree health program.

Limited spots available, express your interest before the 17th February.