How to prepare grains, beans, seeds and nuts to avoid bloating.

It’s all in the preparation!

Consuming grains, seeds and beans can tend to make some of us bloated. Fortunately there is a lot that you can do with grains, seeds and beans that can make them more digestible as well as preserving their nutrients.

These foods need to be sprouted, soaked, fermented or naturally leavened and then washed before consumption. These preparation methodsĀ make them more digestible as well as having many other health benefits that make them betterĀ for us to eat.

All grains, seeds and beans need to be purchased in a whole, unrefined form. organically or boidynamically grown is best.

Watch this video to learn how to prepare your grains, seeds and beans.

If these preparation methods make no difference to you and you are still feeling bloated, then you may need to see a qualified nutritionist to check your digestive capacities.