• “I first met Dorota back in March 2013 at her workshop ‘Heal Your Gut with The Lost Art of Fermentation’. It was a brilliant workshop and I got so much value and life long knowledge and skills. I was 19 at the time and I had been living with Ulcerative Colitis for over a decade since age 10. I was very much in ‘the system’ and taking a lot of drugs in order to supress my symptoms and inflammation. I attended the workshop because I knew in my heart I wanted to deal with the cause of my illness rather than stay on harsh medications for the long term. Everything Dorota talked about with healing the gut, the power of functional nutrition and the GAPS healing protocol resonated with me so much. I knew I needed a dramatic lifestyle change. I needed to change my beliefs, my food, and heal my gut with bone broth and fermented foods. Soon after the workshop, I was well into the GAPS healing protocol for a solid two years. It was strict, but I believe that if you want incredible results, you have to take dramatic actions and I knew I did not want an average outcome. I was making my own Saukraut and bone broth and was 100% gluten and grain free. I followed the guidelines of Dr. Natasha Campbell- McBride’s GAPS book as written. It is fair to say that I was extremely committed to achieving my goal of being medication free and not having any kind of operation which doctors had discussed. Due to my empowered actions, I 100% avoided this consequence even though I was told diet did not matter… 

    Fast forward to 2018 and I have now been symptom-free for five years and medication free for 3 ½ years. I still to this day am 100% gluten free and I have decided I always will be because it really works for my body and I feel so much better off it. In general, I have not strayed too far from the GAPS healing protocol. I strongly feel there is not a ‘one -size- fits -all die/lifestyle and that everyone has to work out what works best for their body. It is a personal journey and no one can ever tell you what will be right for you, we listen to our bodies messages and we can find experts like Dorota to guide us”.


    – Sammi Lucas, Nutritionist, Health Coach & Food Lover | Actor |www.sammilucas.co | @superfoodsam


  • “I sought Dorota Trupp’s help after being diagnosed with blood cancer in mid 2013. I had experienced many digestive symptoms that Dorota was treating with her gut healing protocol. The treatment improved my digestion and resolved some of the symptoms. I had to stop her treatment, when I started undergoing the conventional cancer treatment at Alfred Hospital. Dorota was instrumental in teaching me and helping me understand the profound role of the gut regarding the immune system. I am eternally grateful for her expertise and guidance.”

 – Anthony Breslin, Artist, Managing Director, The Breslin Gallery

  • I am so happy and blessed to have met Dorota Trupp. I started giving up on myself until the day I joined the gym and find out there was a nutritionist there. I have been and seen so many nutritionists that said “I will give you a meal plan and just follow that”. But when I met Dorota, she asked me “How can I help you”? and I said there is the problem, I am trying to lose weight for years and I struggle and I have tried everything and seen so many nutritionists as well.
    Her reaction was “we need to look into your metabolic health and your digestive system function, because there may be an issue and thats why you can’t lose weight, despite being on a good diet.”
    When Dorota said that I knew she was someone that could actually help me.
    And so many changes happened. I took this 6 week diet that helped me to improve my digestive functions. It was not easy at all but I had so much support from her and it kept me going.
    She is there every time to support and without her I wouldn’t have completed the 6 weeks program.
    I feel great, happy and my skin glows. It is still a work in progress but I know I have there Dorota with me. She is exceptional and knows what she does. She is a professional.
    She does invest her time for you and is always reachable whatever you need her.
    I just want to say thank you so much for your help and encouragement.
– Beatrice Marie Boucary, Chef 
  • “I had been experiencing bad digestion for many years. After seeing Dorota Trupp for few sessions I have dropped the symptoms of bloating, diarrhea and reflux. The dietary plan was a bit restrictive at the beginning of my treatment but as the time progressed it allowed me to eat more foods. I am grateful to her for teaching me about my digestion. I have changed my diet and I been well ever since.”

– Natalie Baker, Sales Consultant, David Jones

  • Dorota was super helpful, and knowledgeable. I found her to be completely honest and if she didn’t know something she wouldn’t pretend to know. Which is the best way. Gave me way more than my allocated time without mentioning it. She appears to genuinely want to help, rather than others who simply want your money. Also, it’s cool that she lives what she preaches.

– Michael Harris, Occupational Therapist, Alfred Hospital,

  • “I would like to thank Dorota for introducing me to Probiotic foods. After being diagnosed with coeliac disease 3 years ago I was excited to hear about Dorota’s gut healing program at Mind, Body & Spirit festival this year. Since starting the Gaps program 6 weeks ago I have seen drastic changes to my health , have lost 3.5kg and am feeling more healthy & energetic. Dorota has a friendly attitude and approach and was very insightful about healthy food choices. I cant thank her enough for her support and advice.” Thank you 

– Joanne Jackson, Receptionist