Is Paleo a beneficial Diet?

This diet is very en-trend so lets find out what its all about.

The Paleo diet focuses on promoting whole foods such as vegetables, meats and fish, and it removes dairy and grains.

From the perspective of receiving all of the nutrients and vitamins and minerals that the body needs; the Paleo diet does deliver this. For this reason the diet is not going to cause you any deficiencies.

The reason for eliminating dairy and grains from the diet is based on the theory that the body isn’t able to break down these foods as well as it does proteins, fats and carbohydrates from vegetables and animals.

While many people in todays society do suffer from food intolerances, specifically dairy and grain based foods, I would like to point out that a healthy digestive system is able to handle dairy and grains if you consume them in the purest, non-processed form. So if you do experience these types of food intolerances you could look at restoring your gut health so that you could still enjoy these foods from times to time in their pure form.

Please watch this short informative video below for a more detailed explanation on this topic.