Foods easy to digest when your gut is hurting.

Something easy to digest? There you have it !

Thank you all for sending me through your questions.

Today I am answering a question from Michael, who says:
“I know what foods irritate my gut but can you recommend foods that improve the gut & help with digestion?

There is my response:
The foods that improve digestion are: gelatin rich foods such as homemade stock, bone broth, chicken broth. All slow cooked meat and fish dishes, soups and stews. In general, cooked food is better tolerated by gut that is dysfunctional.

You may find that raw foods may irritate you. It’s good to blend raw veggies, that may help your digestion, try vegetable juices and smoothies.

Fermented foods and pickles will also help, so will apple cider vinegar in salads. Some other foods include: papaya, avocado and egg yolks.