Australian King Prawn Pasta with garlic, tomatoes, olives and basil.

Healthy lunch idea; 
There it is a balanced and tasty meal that everyone loves.


This year I try to stick to Mediterranean diet principles to keep healthy.
This dish took me 15 minutes to prepare. I reduced the pasta content to 90 gram to not to overload on simple carbohydrates.
I used butter to fry my prawns, tomatoes, olives and garlic and finished it off with extra virgin olive oil infused with herbs to add extra flavour and heart friendly mono saturated fatty acids. I added my garden grown basil on the end to preserve its sensitive aromas.
Seafood is very important part or a healthy diet. Especially growing children benefit from it as it delivers iodine, zinc and omega 3 fatty acids- all that strengthen the brain development and benefits the immune system. I make sure my son eats at last 3 – 4 servings of seafood a week.
Try this simple dish, enjoy it with a glass of red wine and let me know if you liked it ! 🙂



2 Servings

90 gram of organic pasta (I used Hakubaku Udon pasta)

6 – 8 Australian King Prawns

3 gloves of garlic

20 g of butter

1 large tomatos

10  sweet solanato tomatoes

Olive oil

Basil (handful)


Boil the pasta till it is soft in water.

Add butter to a pan and fry chopped garlic, prawns in shell and cut tomatoes and olives at the same time for 3- 5 minutes. Take the dish off the heat. Add olive oil. Mix it with pasta and add basil, serve it.