Alice’s Food A-Z : Avo & fetta mash recipe

A teacher by trade, Alice loves to see children learning, realising their potential, and discovering the magic that can be created in the kitchen.

You may remember Alice from season 4 of Masterchef, which aired in 2012. Alice says that it was an organic process that lead her on the pathway to becoming a celebrity cook. She trained at Trupp Cooking School, doing the chef @ home course with Walter Trupp. This shaped her understanding of the smaller details involved in cooking, and the little things that can make cooking a lot tastier. A thirst to learn more, and to continue her cooking journey, is what lead Alice to enter Masterchef.

Alice has taken her passion for food and cooking, combined it with her passion for teaching children, and created a fun and educational cook book for kids. The book, Alice’s Food A-Z Edible Adventures, is a great introduction for children to the world of food and cooking. It contains lots of fun facts, tips, and information about different foods. The recipes for snacks and easy dishes are a great starting point for children to learn from in the kitchen.

Regarding food, Alice lives by the philosophy; “If you want to eat something, make it yourself it will always taste better”. This is a wonderful message to be teaching, especially in todays fast-food laden society.

Food facts, simple recipes, learning where food comes from, and looking at foods for its nutritional benefits; this is some of the know-how that Alice is promoting. Its such a great thing to become aware of this information from a young age! And…. Alice has more exciting things in store for the future of teaching children about food. She believes understanding food is something we all need for life.

Below I have included one of the recipes from Alice’s book.

Avo and feta mash on bruschetta, from “Alice’s Food A-Z Edible Adventures”.


  • Toast a couple of slices of crusty bread.
  • Meanwhile, pop avocado, fetta, lemon juice, olive oil, chopped chillies and coriander into a bowl.
  • Squish together with a fork, keeping a bit of texture to the whole thing.
  • Then spread on toast.

Alice’s book is available from stockists that you will find on her website.

If you or anyone you know is interested in starting their own food adventure, like Alice, then be sure to check out the chef @ home course at Trupp Cooking School!