3 Healthy habits I swear by in 2020

Today I would like to share with you 3 healthy habits I swear by in 2020; these are actionable information you won’t find anywhere.

These three things when done daily will help you to maintain a good health for years to come.

Before I outline these tips, I run a little test with you, so please check with yourself where you are at when looking at these 6 signs or measures of good health, I am going to outline next.

You will KNOW you are doing well, and you can expect longevity when you tick all of these on consistent basis. If you won’t tick all of them right now, not all is lost, my 3 healthy daily habits will help you to get there soon!

  1. Being Slim
  2. Being Fit
  3. Having Balanced Diet
  4. Being Relaxed
  5. Sleeping Well
  6. Stable optimistic mood.

OK, only you know where you fit with your answers.

To keep you on tract, toady I am giving you my personal tips that I practice daily and that are helping me to reach and maintain these 6 signs of good health

Tip number 1

Eat only whole-foods with aim to not to overeat.

Most of us have no patience to do elaborate diets. Sticking to whole foods is way easier and more realistic to maintain. I am sharing with you some of my household food creations photos, so you can see how I operate within these principals while trying to bring up a healthy child.

For all grown-ups it may be enough understanding simple things like yes whole food rocks, it is better going to bed hungry then to overeat.

Check my video on Intermittent Fasting to get more information regarding structuring your feeding times with respect of your evolutionary needs.

However it is beyond this week’s tip, but still tying up nicely with the whole food agenda, if you would like to understand what the right composition of wholefoods in your family diet should look like, as per protein, carbohydrates to fat ratios, and types of foods that are important please watch my earlier produced video on a topic called “What is a healthy diet” where I brought forward some important findings on primitive diets versus modern diets.

Tip number 2

Cut off the exposure to negative news, negative people and toxic environments. Sometimes it is more important to close the door to negativity and simply walk away. Ignorance can be a bliss. It is a powerful tool to stay centred. You don’t have to fight someone’s else’s wars.

I think, that needs to be done before you start practicing good health habits like meditation, if you want it work for you.

You need to consciously help yourself maintain psychological balance and optimistic mood. Walking away from toxic environments is equally important as walking away from sugar.

Tip number 3

Get out of the house daily to exercise outdoors. Fresh air, sun and wind in your face makes your soul sing and helps your body stay flexible, fit and relaxed. Even if you are usually working out at the gym, I would still encourage you to go for walks to the park or ride your bike daily to access the incredible benefits that outdoor exercise brings you.

There you go, these were your 3 healthy habits I swear by in 2020 and surly in many more years to come!

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Stay well and enjoy your day!