Fancy starter recipe: Tomatoes Flavoured with Fruits and Flowers

Today I would like to share with you fine dining recipe with a healthy twist. This starter will impress your guests on a dinner party with it’s presentation, deliciousness and health boosting nourishment. 

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Recipe curtsy of Walter Trupp
4 Beefsteak tomatoes
Sea Salt
100 grams black olives
1 preserved lemon
1 sweet spring onion
Edible flowers

Method: Tomatoes
Arrange the tomatoes in a dish and season them with a few grains of salt.
Rinse the preserved lemon under cold running water. Remove the zest; being careful to remove any of the white flesh then cut the zest lengthwise and chill.
Peel and rinse the onion, then slice into rings.

To Finish:
Draw on the plate with the olive oil emulsion, then arrange the tomatoes on the plate and sprinkle them with a few grains of salt.
Arrange each tomato with a different herb, flower, fruit, olive, lemon combination on top.
Ingredients: Olive Oil Emulsion
2 soft boiled eggs
Little garlic
½ cup olive oil

Blend the shelled eggs with garlic to the emulsion you need and mix until smooth.
Season with Salt.

Assemble as shown on the photo.