How to seal leaky gut

Are you suffering from leaky gut? You may wonder what can be done quickly to help you function normally again?
There you have it, today I am sharing with you 3 key nutritional interventions that can help you to heal and seal your leaky gut fast.


1. The first thing to do is to eliminate the irritants – If there are foods you are reacting to, you have to stop eating these! Immediately. Usually you have to remove these foods from your diet for 2 to 3 months, sometimes as long as 6 months.
I hope you managed to identify these foods already. If not, the foods that commonly irritate your gut are:
Grains, especially these that contain gluten, unfermented dairy such as straight milk and combination of other foods; for some these could be fruits, beans, for others these could be foods from the nightshade family.

Sugar and processed foods are banned on gut recovery protocol too, of course!
Dont shy away from doing food allergy test.

2. Secondly, rebalancing your gut microbiota (which is the bacteria in your gut) through supplementation and introduction of fermented foods. That’s right, this is a time to start taking practitioner-grade probiotic supplement; at last 3 times a day and increase fermented foods and drinks consumption.

3. Take in foods that deliver building blocks for the gut tissue to heal and seal itself and reduce gut lining inflammation. The useful foods are: vegetable juices and smoothies, gelatin rich bone broth, chicken stock, slow cooked meats, fish and turmeric (that helps in lowering the inflammation).

And lets not forget about being constructive in reducing your stress levels and exposure to many harmful chemicals.
If you are having a leaky gut, the chances are high that you are reacting to not only to a number of foods that you can’t digest properly, food additives and preservatives but also chemicals in common household cleaning agents, chemicals from skin care products and make up, and even pollen from the outdoors plants. Try to eat clean organic food and switch to natural brands products such as Arbonne.

As always, it is a good idea to see a professional who can assist you in improving your digestion through individualised treatment plan. Or learn more about simple solutions for self help in times of digestive crisis in some of my workshops such as : “Heal your gut with probiotic foods“, or “Balance your gut function with GAPS Diet.”