Exercise For Weight Loss with Jack Mclean, PT

I expect you will be feeling great after a week of detoxing, followed by a week of healthy eating. I’m sure you would be seeing and feeling results with your body.

I encourage you to continue to eat a healthy balanced diet, very similar to the diet plan I supplied you with last week. This is not a fad diet, it is a sustainable way of life.

This week, I would also like to encourage you to start to make physical exercise part of your daily routine. We all know that if you combine exercise with a healthy diet you are only doing the best thing for your body! Look forward to feel more energised, loose excess weight, begin to tone your muscles and increase your physical fitness.

To sum it up: you will feel amazing!

I have asked my personal trainer and one of the Melbourne’s top professionals in the fitness field, Jack Mclean to share with us his top tips on exercise for weight loss. Let’s get inspired by him!

Exercise for weight loss by Jack McLean

Jack Mclean, PT

To assist as many people as possible with this post I have created a activity level system,

  • Low level of exercise = sedentary job ex desk/truck and the last 3 months has consisted with little or + no exercise/training routine
  • Medium level of exercise = active job ex work in trade or have a working stand desk, the last 3 months has consisted of exercise/training but has low-medium intensity or dependent on others for motivation therefore exercising frequently and consistently is the issue.
  • High level of exercise =  have a routine with your training which consists from 3 + sessions a week, however results have platoed.

Depending on where on your activity level take the advice that feels like the missing link in your search for dropping body fat and work on it weekly for at least 2 months to allow the body to adapt.

Low level In my opinion there are two ways to go about building up your exercise level and it depends on your personality level and hunger for change. Firstly, I would recomened to book a session with a personal trainer/coach to take you through a safe but vigorous exercise session with the hope to set off a light bulb affect.

Then build a exercise plan/program with your coach which is tailored to your lifestyle and demands, this plan should be frequently updated and measured every 3-4 weeks to ensure optimal results.

Alternatively, if you want to take this journey at your pace, I would start walking for 30 mins every morning before breakfast, every 3 weeks increase the amount of days you walk a week by 1. This will kick start your metabolism and by following Dorota’s nourishing food plan you will notice your body starting to drop body fat. A pedometer can be a fantastic tool for increasing your daily steps simply wear it when you wake up and measure a regular day if the total amount of steps is less then 10,000 steps create strategies to work closer to 10,000.

Parking your car 5 minutes further away from your work could be the difference or taking the stairs instead of the elevator etc.

Medium Level : Setting a clear for what your working for and outlining why its important to you will, if your unsure how to best do this book with a personal trainer/coach.

Once you have your goal you then have to get to work on that goal set a weekly exercise routine that works for you and one you will enjoy. Aim to start with 3 intense sessions a week and add another session once you feel your body is ready to do so.

Melbourne has many amazing classes and options out there for you and the same time there are a lot of businesses in the industry with different intentions, do your homework speak to your networks, regarding classes for boxing and Crossfit are fun and a great way to lose body fat the key factor is the gym (box) / coach / instructor when taught well its also easier on the joints compared to long stints of running and isn’t more sitting which consists in bodybuilding and or spin class.

If classes aren’t your thing find a buddy who has the equal goals as you or has been training for a while and see if you can tag along or choose to train with someone who is fitter / stronger than you.

High Level: most likely you have been stuck with the same exercise routine that once served you and now your body has adapted the the training intensity. Maybe your only practising one discipline like running, boxing, spin or swimming yoga/pilates then its time to bring down the frequency of those sessions and start something new for 2-3 sessions a week. This will shock your body and build new excitement in your training, allow for 3-4 weeks and wait for the results to come. If you have been training by yourself start seeing a personal trainer/coach to assess your plan and to assist you in learning new exercises that will specifically assist your body to reach your goals.

And here, I have for you few tips on how to effectively warm up your body before your exercise:

Who is Jack Mclean?

Jack2Jack is Melbourne born and raised health enthusiast, working as a personal trainer, health coach, and director of ActivEats, a Living Food company he co-founded in 2013.

The past four years he has completed well over 5,000 personal training sessions and have recognised commonalities in the people that reach their desired outcomes: self-motivation, open-mindedness, hungry for change, and willingness to take on a challenge.  He takes a holistic approach with his training by viewing health as an integrated body-mind system. He teaches his clients how to achieve optimal health by addressing nutrition, mobilisation, strength work and mindset.