Join us on a detox!

During the month of October, at Trupp Cooking School, we will be embarking on a cleansing detoxifying journey.

We would like to invite you to join us on this journey! Spring is a great time to start healthy eating patterns that will kick-start a healthy lifestyle and enable weight-loss in time for summer.

It’s a great time to start! Throughout the month we will be sharing alkalising and detoxifying recipes and health tips with you. We plan to start our 7-day detox next week on the 6th of October, and throughout that week we will share with you an eating schedule for detoxifying, including; recipes and juices. The following week (starting 13th Oct) we will be sharing a weekly eating plan designed for weight-loss. Finally, in the third week (starting 20th Oct) we will have a top personal trainer sharing a weekly workout program for you to follow.

So to clarify, we will have;

  • WEEK 1 : Detox Program

  • WEEK 2 : Healthy Eating Plan

  • WEEK 3 : Workout Program

It is intended that the detox will start you off on your health journey. The healthy eating plan should work as a guide for the type of diet you should be aiming to keep all year long, and the workout program coupled with the healthy eating should encourage weight-loss, and make you feel great! we hope that you will join us on this journey, and we hope that the plans and programs we will share with you will inspire you to keep up a healthy and active lifestyle throughout summer and into the new year.

Please also refer to the Trupp Cooking School blog for alkalising and detox recipes.

Why should we undergo a detoxification diet?

The truth is, human beings have never lived in such a toxic environment as the one we currently live in. Therefore, we need to take extra steps to ensure that we stay clean and healthy. Although detoxification is a natural, ongoing process in the body, the ever-increasing number of toxins we are exposed to and the daily stress we experience prevent us from detoxifying optimally, which can eventually lead to disease.

A regular detoxification diet allows our bodies to focus on getting rid of many of the nasty toxins that are trapped in our fat cells. It helps accelerate self-healing, with the goal being to raise energy levels, stimulate digestive health, improve concentration and mood, alleviate allergies, boost the immune system and prevent premature ageing and disease.

Detoxification diets concentrate on helping your liver to process the toxic load trapped in your body through a specific dietary plan. You will usually have to avoid common allergenic foods like dairy and wheat; ingest plenty of organic raw vegetables, some fruits, nuts, seeds and oils; drink freshly made vegetable juices and lots of water, plus herbal teas; and take specific nutritional supplements.

Vegetable juice delivers specific nutrients to support your P450 liver enzyme, which plays a major role in the detoxification process. Raw veggie juice (especially from beetroot), shitake mushrooms, berries, citrus peel, oats and cruciferous vegetables will also give you a methyl group boost, which is needed for hormone methylation. This is especially beneficial to the chelation of excess oestrogens and homocysteine that are seen in liver toxicity. Other nutrients delivered by green leafy vegetables, orange vegetables and brown rice, as well as herbs, will further support your detoxification after exposure over many years to numerous synthetic chemicals and heavy metals.

Once your digestive tract and your liver stop receiving complex foods to digest, and get a fresh boost of nutrients that support the detoxification pathway, you can naturally start processing the toxins that are trapped in your body’s fat cells. This will lead to an overall sense of wellbeing, and many people will also experience weight loss. The goal is to process the toxins in the liver and eliminate them safely through the other detoxification organs – the bowels, kidneys and skin.

After your detoxification program has finished, it is important to consciously maintain the positive lifestyle changes you’ve made and not reintroduce an unnecessary toxic burden into your body. Prioritise organic and biodynamic foods and invest in a good-quality water filter for your kitchen. Make sure you are not being exposed to toxic mercury through your old amalgam teeth fillings, and try to quit smoking and limit your alcohol consumption. The correct detoxification regime, one supported by the right choice of foods, nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes, will be safe and enable your body to heal and rejuvenate.