Slow Cooked Beef Cheeks with Tomatoes for better digestion.

Slow cooking is ideal for those who have digestive issues, as well as anyone who is looking for nourishing meals.

It is ideal dish for colder month of the year. The process of prolong cooking softens the food fibres and allows it to be easy digestible.

Slow cooked food is usually cooked in batches and we reheat it when we serve it. As a digestive health advocate, I usually prescribe slow cooked meals to my patients who generally present with digestive imbalances.

What I found is that slow cooked meals are often the best to eat in the first stage of dietary intervention to rebalance digestion. Slow cooked meals will provide you with abundance of nutrients. B group vitamins and minerals delivered in most digestible and absorbable form.

Enjoy this easy and tasty recipe!