Keep your Detox Organic!

Anytime is a good time to detox!

Summer is now over and I find this is a particularly good time to detox! Coming out of the summer “celebration” months, it is now a good time to ensure that your health is on track, to avoid sickness and also to avoid weight gain in the colder months.

Doing a detox is a perfect way to focus on clean eating and to establish healthy eating patterns.

Now let us not forget that the primary reason for detoxing is to clear out the toxins from the body. With this is mind, I would like to point out that it is extremely important to be using organic produce. When foods are not organic they carry pesticides and other toxic chemicals, which would be counterproductive to the detoxing process.

Unfortunately, some pesticides that have been banned in Europe, are still used in Australia; on turf, crops, vegetables, orchards, and to control fleas on animals that are used for meats. When it comes to pesticides there are no good ones. Some pesticides are slower to clear out of our bodies, and non of them are any good for us.

Thus, it is important to be eating non-toxic organic produce. This advice can actually be extended beyond just when you are detoxing. Aim to always eat organic – it is always a healthier option!

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