Real Fit Food with Andi Lew

These days most of us are more aware of our health and more concerned about what we include into our diet. There are so many different views about what is best for our health and what is good for us. I believe that it is good to learn as much as we can about food, nutrition and health. When you try to understand the “why’s” associated with the different perspectives then you can make better educated decisions.

This week I have spoken to Andi Lew about what makes a healthy balanced diet.

Andi Lew is a well known TV presenter and Wellness Coach who is the author of Real Fit Food. She promotes a diet based largely on ‘real’ or wholefoods, along with an active lifestyle of functional training.

I’ve asked Andi about what her opinion is on how to best keep a healthy diet. In the video below Andi and I discuss why eating real wholefoods is so important. Check it out!