Fermented Drinks: Getting The Recipe Right

Are you making your our fermented drinks at home?

As you would know I am very passionate about fermented foods and drinks, and I think its great that many of you seem to be making your own at home!

A few weeks ago I asked you to email me any nutrition based questions you might want answers to. The Question this week relates to getting your water kefir recipe correct with the right amount of sugar.

Making sure you don’t put too much sugar in your water kefir, or other fermented drinks, is important. You need to get the balance right because the sugar is necessary for the bacteria to feed off of, but you also do not want your drink to be sweet and sugary when you consume it.

The trick is to add approximately one teaspoon of sugar per cup of water, and to leave your mixture fermenting until it no longer tastes sweet. If your drink still has a slightly sweet taste after leaving it to ferment for the required time, then I recommend that you adjust the amount of sugar that you add the next time around – adding less sugar until you perfect the amount in accordance with your grains. When you get that fermented flavour without the sweetness then you can be sure that you will not be drinking any sugar, and you will be maximising the health benefits of your fermented drink.

Please watch the below video to hear the full question and answer.

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[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDS0OWzFdXQ]