Fermented Drinks – Getting Started

Welcome to the world of fermentation!

Lets make getting started easy!

I am assuming you are all aware of the incredible health benefits of fermented products. If you would like to learn more the read my post on The role of microbiota in human health and How to Improve your digestive health. In fact, if you are interested in Gut Health you should look through my blog posts as there is a plethora of information you will find very helpful.

I recently presented on fermented drinks at the Natural & Organic Supershow in Melbourne. I promised the audience I would post all the information they would need to get started on making fermented drinks at home.

Here I will share with you everything that you will need to get started making fermented drinks such as Kombucha, Jun, Water Kefir and Dairy Kefir. I have recipes for all of these drinks as well as links where you can buy starter kits.

Kombucha Tea

  • Find my Kombucha Tea Recipe HERE.
  • Here is a LINK to buy your starter kit.

Jun Tea

  • Find my Jun Tea Recipe HERE.
  • Here is a LINK to buy your starter kit.

Dairy Kefir

  • Find my Dairy Kefir Recipe HERE.
  • Here is a LINK to buy your Starter kit.

Water Kefir

  • Find my Water Kefir Recipe HERE.
  • Here is a LINK to buy your starter kit.
  • Some extra Tips from me on getting the recipe right HERE.

You can also use a single source for all your fermented cultures from Margaret Blackney (email margblack@optusnet.com.au; telephone 03-5282-1831, 0425-711-601)

I hope that this information is useful for any of you who would like to start fermenting your own drinks. I assure you that you will find the process and the outcomes very rewarding. The health benefits are amazing!

Please share with me your concerns and common problems that you come across when fermenting your drinks and foods at home and I will personally attend to these and share with you my tips over the next few weeks.

For more information about fermented foods please book into my Fermentation Class at Trupp Cooking School.