How to reduce symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Today I would like to share with some useful information regarding probiotic supplementation in irritable bowel syndrome.

Probiotics, generally have major two effects on the body.

Number one is the intestinal effect and number two is the immune system modulating effect.

Studies show that probiotic supplementation has decreased significantly the total symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome after 2 weeks of supplementation. These would be decrease in cytokines, blunting of pain in the gut and the rest of the body and decrease in the overgrowth of facultative, undesirable micro-flora associated with IBS.

We also see that patients re-experience symptoms after stopping probiotic consumption hence it is recommended that maintenance of low dose of probiotics is necessary for IBS patients.

Probiotics have also shown to have the potential to prevent the development of allergies in children; Probiotics given to mother in he final tri-semester of pregnancy, as well as given to the child in the fist 6 moths of life has proven to reduce the development of the most common allergies, such as egg, pollen and dust mite.

Some of the international trials on boosting immunity to allergens conducted at Swansea Medical School in Wales have demonstrated a decrease by 60 % of development of eczema and asthma in children that have been supplementing with probiotics in first 6 moths of life.

As you can see probiotic supplementation is useful in management of IBS. But there is so much more you can do today to improve your life quality and help you to overcome the uncomfortable symptoms. If you are suffering from IBS and you would like to know more about which types of probiotics available on the market are best for you and in what dose taking these will improve your condition; you may be interested in signing up for the “Heal your gut” workshop held in Malvern. You will learn there about how to implement the supplements; dietary and lifestyle changes that will facilitate your recovery.

Wishing you a healthy week ahead!