Weight Loss and Metabolic Dysfunction. Part 2

Are you trying to lose weight and nothing you try seem to work ? Is your weight coming back? Or it never goes away… and you feel hopeless?

Learn more about weight loss and metabolic dysfunction in the video bellow. As it is very important for you to understand some of the challenges that your body may be enduring. Be compassionate to yourself and learn as much as you can to then be able to make the right choices and lose weight successfully and permanently.

Weight loss is not only about calories in and calories out, it is not all about physical activity either, it is more about your metabolic health and your capacity to properly digest and metabolise foods. If you “get this” and learn about the ways to improve your metabolism, it will make it so much easier for you to lose weight and keep it under control for a lifetime. 

This week I am expanding on the topic of metabolic dysfunction, that I have communicated to you in a video blog post 2 weeks ago. I am sharing more in depth information that will give you understanding of how to tackle your weight loss journey, when you are dealing with metabolic dysfucntion to maximise your healing and weight loss. 

In the next few weeks, I will be introducing additional detailed information gradually on this important subject, to make you feel empowered and confident to take control over your health. 

On the end of your learning journey, I will be launching weight loss e-course, that will guide you steep-by-steep and provide you with extra support and resources that will include; dietary protocols, wholesome recipes and hand-picked supplements.