Coconut Hub Body Scrub for healthy and youthful skin!

We recently hosted a European Women in Business nutrition networking event at Trupp Cooking School. Coconut Hub were kind enough to sponsor the event with some of their amazing coconut products, which they gave to our guests.

You all are probably aware of the great health and nutritional benefits of coconuts and especially the benefits of using coconut oil. I had the opportunity to try their coconut oil at the event. Their product is extracted from fresh coconuts, its organic and cold pressed, so as well as being good for you it has a fresh and creamy mild flavour.

Rowayda Ayass, the founder of Coconut Hub gave me some of their latest invention to try – the body scrub; Organic Coffee Coconut Cinnamon Scrub. I have been using it over the past week and I must say that my skin really feels extremely soft and fresh. It amazes me how many uses coconuts have! Exfoliating your skin is important for cleaning away dead skin, which helps the skin to breath and expel toxins. Exfoliating with this scrub is particularly luxurious as it smells beautiful, its organic, and it has the added benefits of coffee, which helps to increase circulation and hydration to the skin. Remember to moisturise your skin with coconut oil straight after!

Hoconut Hub

Rowayda Ayass and her son Jorge, Founder of Coconut Hub

I am very grateful to Coconut Hub for introducing me to this fantastic product. It’s a great addition to my ritual of skin brushing, both keep my skin soft and youthful.